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Barking Afterschool

After a tiring day at school our Out of School Club provides a safe and relaxing environment where your child can enjoy a range of activities, including games, crafts, sports, homework club, cookery and free play.

Clubs are run by a dedicated team of paid staff and volunteers who have the experience and enthusiasm to give your child the best possible care and enjoyment.  Children are provided with a drink and healthy snack. The hall is laid out in a lovely manner with interesting and varying activities for the children to explore. We have a cosy and a reading area for children to go to if they choose to lie down and relax after a day at school. Children are support based on their individual needs. Our activities are stimulating and interesting from, cooking, knitting, games, Wii, creative – art and craft, clay modelling, sports etc.

At SpectacularKidz After School Club we acknowledge the individuality of children and we aim to provide a service that will meet children’s needs and requirements, allowing them to learn and develop at their own pace.

Our services and provisions revolve around enhancing and enriching children’s learning and development by providing a balanced programme of child-led activities, free-play and pre-planned activities.

We intend to facilitate children’s learning by providing a relaxed atmosphere where all children will feel accepted and will be encouraged to gain learning experiences through direct exploration and observations.

We provide” home from home” environment for our children that assists them in settling into the Club and develop meaningful relationships with peers, adults and carers.

We endeavour to understand and empathise with children by respecting the values that have been instilled to them at home and by following the wishes and instructions of the parents during the child’s stay with us.

The After-School Club aim to imbue an ethos that is sympathetic and consistent to the environment we are in and takes into consideration the religious, cultural and ethnic attitudes of our parents and children.

We ensure that we promote health and safety in all that we do. We believe all children should be cared for in a safe and stimulating environment.

We ensure that there are at least 2 members of staff picking up at any one time.

staff members will collect the children from their classroom door and brought back to the afterschool centre.

We currently collect from:

  • Thames view Juniors – 3.30pm
  • Thames view infants school – 3:10pm
  • Riverside school – 3:10pm
  • George Carey school – 3.15pm

Once children are collected they are brought back to the afterschool centre for healthy and nutritious snacks. We also ensure that we provide stimulating activities for the children to enjoy along with a homework area for them to complete any work they may have with the assistance of one of the teachers if needed.

The physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of children in our care is paramount and we will always endeavour to act within a framework that supports and enhances their welfare.

At SpectacularKidzBreakfast and After School Club we help children develop their full potential through positive, social, emotional, physical and intellectual experiences. We provide high quality care in a stable, secure and relaxed environment where parents and carers feel happy to leave their children.


What Makes Us Special?

  • Family support
  • Hot Lunch Program and nutritious snacks
  • Anti-biased programming
  • Emergent Curriculum
  • Inclusion of children with special needs
  • Family Events
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Fieldtrips

Facts About Day Nursery Center

  • Qualified Early Childhood Educators
  • Committed to serving thecommunity
  • Member of the Manitoba Child Care Association
  • Member of the Canadian Child Care Fereration
  • Licensed by the Province of Manitoba
  • Volunteer Board of Directors
  • Charitable Organization

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