SpectacularKidz - Bilingual Day Nursery & Preschool

2 – 3 years


2 – 3 years: Playschool/Toddlers

At this stage your child will become more verbally proficient and independent every day. We will introduce your child to new concepts, ideas and activities. Songs, stories, dancing and imaginative play will feature strongly in your child’s daily routine. The children will learn to interact and play with their friends in a warm and fun loving environment.

Your child’s developmental needs….

Our toddler rooms are designed to facilitate your child’s unique developmental needs. In this age group children scale many milestones and their development is much more rapid. We therefore offer a well-versed programme with a wide variety of play areas to stimulate their senses and challenge their capabilities. In our bright and stimulating rooms your child’s language and vocabulary will develop; they will start to play and make friends with other children fostering making relationship and building confidence. Your child’s attention span will increase and they will spend longer at completing tasks. The staff will sing songs and read stories to your child, teaching through repetition.


your child’s outdoor playtime….

At SpectacularKidz, we believe outdoor play is an important part of the daily routine. We pride ourselves on our outdoor areas which are all well-equipped, developmentally challenging and most importantly fun places to be. The children ENJOY OPPURTUNITIES TO PLAY outside regularly throughout the day.


your child’s toilet training….

We work closely with you to help with toilet training and begin to teach the children to take responsibility for their own personal hygiene by emphasising the importance of hand washing.

Toilet training is a significant milestone that your child may reach at this age. We allow the child to take the lead with this process and watch out for signs and language to show us that he/she is ready for this stage. We will at all times keep parents informed of their child’s progress. The staff have lots of experience in this area and are on hand to support you all the way!


What Makes Us Special?

  • Family support
  • Hot Lunch Program and nutritious snacks
  • Anti-biased programming
  • Emergent Curriculum
  • Inclusion of children with special needs
  • Family Events
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Fieldtrips

Facts About Day Nursery Center

  • Qualified Early Childhood Educators
  • Committed to serving thecommunity
  • Member of the Manitoba Child Care Association
  • Member of the Canadian Child Care Fereration
  • Licensed by the Province of Manitoba
  • Volunteer Board of Directors
  • Charitable Organization

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